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History, Scrapbook, Bio and More

Christiana, on the right, teaching Tarot in PennsylvaniaReading always evoke emotion.
I have been a professional Tarot reader since 1993. My studies began many years prior to that. I was born into a family that was both spiritual and religious. The women on my Mother’s side all seem to be psychically gifted, although I am the only one who has developed their skills and become a professional psychic.
Over the course of my career, I have had practices in a few locations, always with the goal of finally being able to live in a place where the sun shines year round. I feel lucky to have always lived in beautiful places with beautiful people, but I am drawn to the sun, sand and palm trees of South Florida as my spiritual home.
Reading for people, whether it is for entertainment at a corporate function, or an enlightening one-on-one session in my office, is one of my greatest joys. Studying and teach Tarot is another.
Part of my life’s work has been to make the Tarot more accessible, and more acceptable. I have performed Tarot readings on nightclub stages, in church basements, on radio and television, at casinos, military bases, wineries, book stores, restaurants, hair salons, festivals, conventions and charity events.
Christiana Offers Readings at Festivals and Fairs.
I am constantly amazed by the Tarot’s ability to pinpoint issues, offer solutions, and create options. I am also in awe of the Tarot’s ability to create community and lasting friendships. To that end I lead Tarot Circle, and work to participate with the international Tarot community on-line, and at Tarot conferences and symposia.
My career as a professional Tarot reader has allowed me to further develop my psychic gifts, and to develop myself as a radio and television personality, a writer, a healer, a teacher and a community leader.
Please follow the growing number of links below to learn more about me, my life and my career.



For many years my husband and I have been supported and guided

by Peggy Lane of Meriden/Wallingford, CT.  On more then one occassion

I have presented Peggy with news of "the news" in the last major story

I identifed additional information that was correct concerning the last major


In previous newsworthy events I have brought my findings

to Peggy for light discussion.  This time she encouraged me to contact you

to inquire if you have online classes or any other support to develop my gift.

In previous readings, Robin (Ansonia, CT) also encourage me to presue

this gift.

Any information including authors not commericaly (Edwards, Van Praugh, Brown) would be apprecated -

Thank you for  your time - I look forward to your thoughts, opion.

Priscilla Canny


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